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24 Most Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Homes & Private Compounds

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We all want to live the life of a celebrity, mainly because it seems so lavish. Being famous also usually comes with being rich, meaning that celebs can afford some of the best houses in the world. These houses tend to be mind blowing and over the top with their luxury amenities.

When getting a house like one of these, it can be hard to give it all up, but some celebrities do just that for one reason or another. However, the ones that they have bought are still simply amazing, and here are the 24 best that have been bought. (images from BroBible and MLS)


This home belongs to former MLB star Steve Finley and his wife, interior designer Amy Finley and includes a theater with a full size screen.


This house in the hills of Bel-Air is home to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. It includes a rec center and cost more than $10 million for 9,200 square feet.


This is the second home of actor Matt Damon in Miami, Florida and overlooks the bay. Included for the high price tag is a guest home and an oceanside pool.


Pop singer Rihanna’s home in Southern California comes with a private are for swimming and had a price tag of more than $10 million.


“American Idol” judge and singer Jennifer Lopez spent almost $20 million in the Hamptons to get away from the public with her private pool and multiple fireplaces.


Captain America” star Chris Evans enjoys this home in Hollywood with a more open design that is akin to the homes that were built in the post World War II era.


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen enjoy their privacy enough to build a moat around this compound that cost $20 million.


Actor John Travolta is a noted aviation fan, and this private residence even has its own runway for him to land and taxi his planes.


Actress Halle Berry is the owner of this beautiful home on the beaches of Malibu with most of the rooms overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


Singer Barbra Streisand owns this massive home up in the hills in Malibu with more than a dozen bedrooms and a higher look of the Pacific Ocean.


Once known as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, actor Will Smith is now the King of Malbu with this massive compound that even includes a three hole golf course.


Canadian singer Justin Bieber spent more than $10 million on this home in Hollywood that has an infinity pool that overlooks the hills.


Rapper Lil’ Wayne owned this house that cost more than $11 million in Miami with a massive master bedroom, but sold the property recently when multiple pranks were pulled on his residence.


Singer Britney Spears lives in this Thousand Oaks home in Southern California with walls that open up to allow for fresh air to come in the house.


NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has turned this old west property into his own home and hotel called Whiskey River, and he actually owns the entire small town.


Talk show host Oprah Winfrey is worth more than $1 billion, and almost $100 million of that was spent on this California home that closely resembles a British royal’s home.


Actors Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are the owners of this Canadian home that features a dozen fireplaces and five bedrooms. It’s a simple cottage style home, but it’s top of the line.


Actor George Clooney owns this mansion overlooking Lake Como in Italy and has a parking garage with an theater that sits outside.


Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk enjoys the sport so much, that he built his own skate park in the backyard of his house that’s even bigger than the two pools.


Comedian and actor Eddie Murphy once owned this home that resembles a resort in Italy, but ended up selling it to singer Alicia Keys for less than half of what he paid.


Singers Jay Z and Beyonce bought this fantastic home from Cher for more than $40 million that comes with a bowling alley and gym.


Golfer Tiger Woods paid more than $50 million for this home in Florida that comes with a small golf course and two massive pools, longer than Olympic size pools.


Microsoft founder Bill Gates spent $150 million on this home in Washington that overlooks a lake and has multiple docks for all of his watercraft. It’s also very private and secluded by a forest.


Of course, the top celebrity house belongs to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. The Playboy Mansion has some of the best features that you can imagine, most noted for the world famous Grotto.


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