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With the holidays fast approaching, we’re sure that your to-do lists are getting longer! If you’re expecting relatives and guests, it’s best to welcome them into a clean and refreshing space. While some of us prefer to buy new organizers and must-haves, there are those who like to recycle pieces that are already available.

I’m not a fan of throwing away boxes and small bowls as these must-haves can still be used for different purposes. Save on cash and consider the ideas below for a more organized and cozy home:

Main photos from: Etsy and Aunt Peaches.


Work with extra rods

These versatile pieces can be installed anywhere: in the bathroom to hold baskets of towels and bottles; in the bedroom (behind the door) to keep scarves and other essentials in place; and in the kitchen for ingredients, condiments, and kitchen towels.

Once you see an empty wall at home, think about how you can turn it into an instant storage solution.

Photo from Simply DIY via Top Inspired.


Recycle mason jars

If we’re talking about versatility and usefulness, mason jars would surely be on top of the list! These glass jars can be used to store cotton balls, cotton buds, and even liquids! Got extra jars at home? Use it to store pantry staples like cereals, sugar, and coffee. These must-haves add a charming touch to any space.

Photo from Etsy.


Turn shoeboxes into organizers

I have the habit of keeping the boxes of my shoes. Since I have a limited space in my bedroom, I use it to keep my pairs in tip-top shape! These are also stackable so they won’t take up too much space. If you have more than five extra boxes at home, don’t throw them away! You can still use it as handy organizers.

Make sure that the box is dust-free. Covered it with colorful paper—an old newspaper or pages from an old magazine will do (no need to buy new wrappers!). Use your recycled box to organize accessories, photos, and supplies! If you’ve collected around 10 pieces of empty toilet paper rolls, you can place these inside the box to organize pens and coloring materials.

Photo from Aunt Peaches.


Tranform old trays into chic pieces

Rummage through your kitchen cabinets and see if there are old trays lying around. Breathe new life into an old tray using washi tape! Once you’ve cleaned the old tray, feel free to work with colorful tapes and be creative on the design. Your finished project can be used as a serving tray during parties or as catchall that can be placed on the coffee table.

Styling by Issa Villar-Ching and Dagny Madamba. Photo by Miguel Nacianceno.


Collect old small bowls and use them as accessory organizers

Unused small plates and bowls can be repurposed into accessory holders that you can keep inside drawers. Another idea? Place them on a coffee table in the living area as candy containers. You can also put one or two bowls in the foyer to keep loose change and keys in place.

Photo by Vincent Coscolluela.


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