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8 Of The Most Expensive Beauty Products In The World

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Where you do buy your makeup? Do you spend countless hours perusing the aisles of retail giants like Sephora or Ulta? Do you pick up the basic necessities while shopping for groceries or at the nearest dollar store where a year’s supply can cost less than $20?

While most of us head over to department stores or retailers to save both time and money on beauty essentials, those living life in the fast lane are able to spend top dollar on beauty products without thinking twice about the price tag. If you gasp at spending $100 on foundation, you will be shocked to learn that $100 is literally mere pennies when it comes to some of the most expensive beauty products in the world. In fact, these products are a far cry from what we see in department stores and specialty boutiques!

Do these makeups or perfumes do anything different than their less expensive counterparts? Surprisingly enough, the answer is “no” as these products are essentially the same apart from their prices. So if these products do the exact same thing, why spend the extra money? Many find that paying top dollar for these makeups is not about the price tag but about the luxury of having these makeups. In other words, a woman who has these brands in her drawer solidifies her place in an elite club characterized by luxury and lavishness.

What are the most expensive beauty products in the world and why are their price tags so high? Here are the eight most expensive products available that prove that the products themselves are not nearly as impressive as their presentation and packaging. Let’s start the list with an oil made of gold.


#8 – ORO GOLD 24K Nano Night Recovery ($1,500)


With a name like Nano Night Recovery: it would seem that this makeup might be used to treat hangovers. Instead the $1,500 formula is said to help stop the aging process thanks to a super form of hydration that combines oils and nutrients as well as, you guessed it, a little bit of 24 karat gold. While we are not sure what type of properties that gold has to help hydrate the skin: people are still willing to spend over a thousand dollars on it.

Who exactly is buying Nano Night Recovery? Denise Richards is one of the few who swears by this product, although our guess is that she earns a pretty penny to promote the product instead of actually seeing results. In fact, on the official ORO GOLD website no one has actually bought and reviewed the product. This isn’t too much of a surprise since the majority of online shoppers rarely drop $1,500 on a single recovery product. Hopefully one day the first review will come in, and we can all see if it’s truly golden.


#7 – Creme De La Mer ($2,222)


Creme De La Mer is legendary in the fact that it has been on the list of the most expensive makeup and beauty products for quite a long time. The cream is said to be a miracle cure for those who want to slow down the signs of aging as seaweed nutrients work to eliminate wrinkles, and lines that appear on the skin. Honestly there’s no such thing as a magic cream that completely resets your skin to its 20 year old form, but Creme De La Mer claims to be as close as it gets.

Typically, when people buy Creme De La Mer, it’s usually in the sample size and still costs over $100. If you want the jar that will keep you looking young for more than a week: it will cost you upward of $3,000, but only suckers pay that price. Through the magic of online shopping you can get a jar of the magical cream for just $2,222! While we wouldn’t say that it’s a great bargain, anything is better than the $3,000 price tag.


#6 – Clive Christian X Pure Perfume ($2,334)


Clive Christian makes X Pure Perfume, which is a “perfume for men” that’s available in Canada. At over $2,000 you can even finance it if you buy it online, but if you have to finance men’s perfume you might want to reevaluate how you are spending your money. The packaging itself weighs one pound, but this does not mean that you get 16 ounces of perfume. For over $2,000 you only get a one ounce bottle of the actual perfume.

The fragrance combines: ginger, amber, cinnamon, vanilla, and some of the other fine scents that you have come to know and love. With the X Pure Perfume, you are paying more for the packaging: which is an engraved glass bottle that Clive Christian simply describes as ‘cool’. Is cool worth more than $2,000? It really depends on what your standard for cool is, but we’re guessing that this perfume probably isn’t in your wheelhouse.


#5 – Essie “I Do” Nail Polish ($55,000)

Essie-I-Do-Nail-PolishEssie Cosmetics is a company that was started by Essie Weingarten back in the early 1980’s as a modest way of getting out new colors to the public, while still being affordable. After obtaining some high end clients to try out and promote the products, Essie Cosmetics took a huge boost in pricing and sales. Because of this, we now see over the top products with extravagant price tags” one of which is the “I Do” nail polish.

The “I Do” polish is a platinum color made with real platinum. The type of platinum that is typically sold to the public ‘only’ costs about $250, but the cost for genuine platinum is exponentially more than that, making the cost of the polish outrageous at over $50,000. Essie Cosmetics had Henry Dunay design the high end polish for celebrities preparing to walk down the aisle. If the platinum polish isn’t enough for your big day, then you can also have a bottle made out of platinum, as well.


#4 – Guerlain Diamond Lipstick ($62,000)

Guerlain-Diamond-LipstickThe Guerlain brand was established nearly 200 years ago in France, and is still one of the highest end manufacturers of beauty products in the entire world today. The hundreds of perfumes that Guerlain has created are the usual trademark of the company, but a lot changed when Louis Vuitton bought out the company to give it a wider appeal in other markets. With over a dozen stores with the Guerlain name attached, lipstick is one of the hottest items for the brand.

Guerlain lipstick is far from cheap with each tube usually selling for around $50. The Diamond Lipstick is the cream of the crop with almost 200 diamonds on the tube, and being made of 18 karat gold. If you want red lips that look like rubies, there are actually rubies coating the inner lining of the tube to better help you get that look. If you drop this kind of money, Guerlain will make the lipstick in whatever color you want, which should be the standard for anything with this high of a price tag.


#3 – Models Own Gold Rush Polish ($130,740)

Models-Own-Gold-Rush-PolishModels Own is a company that isn’t as nearly as old as Guerlain. As a matter of fact, Models Own is only six years old but has made an early mark in the beauty industry by providing a wide variety of affordable makeups for your nails or face. Many of the products in the line do not come anywhere close to breaking the bank, as you can pick up most of them for less than $10. There is one product, however, that bucked the affordable trend, and that’s the Gold Rush Nail Polish.

The Gold Rush polish is thousands of times more expensive than any of the other polish that Models Own makes. Why? The polish is made, obviously, with real gold. With real gold polish, the bottle itself is also fancy with more than 1,000 diamonds on the cap alone. When the polish is gone, it’s hard to say what you can possibly do with a polish cap that has that many diamonds, but I guess that’s up to your imagination. After all, you have to be pretty creative to want to spend over $130,000 on a nail color.



#2 – Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish ($250,000)

Azature-Black-Diamond-Nail-PolishAzature is based out of Hollywood, so you can probably already guess that it doesn’t cater to the everyday woman. In a town that has hundreds of millionaire celebrities, Azature makes their beauty products specifically for the high-end market. The most expensive product on the shelves is the elusive Black Diamond Nail Polish, which is just as flashy as it sounds. The polish has speckles of black diamonds to give it that red carpet look, but you can get the glitter version for just $25.

If you buy the Black Diamond Nail Polish, you aren’t really paying for the look as you are the right to to say that you are rich enough to paint shreds of diamonds on your fingernails. Is it worth the quarter million dollars? Probably not, but if you can afford it, then why not? There is a total of 267 carats of black diamonds in the polish. Some of the fanciest sports cars in the world don’t compare to the price tag, but unlike sports cars that offer ongoing enjoyment: this polish can be gone in an instant with polish remover that costs next to nothing in comparison.


#1 – H. Couture Beauty Mascara ($14 Million)

H-Couture-Beauty-MascaraTaysha Smith Valez made over a billion dollars at a very young age by designing her own line of beauty products. When she was just 24 years old, Valez wanted to kick the beauty world up a few thousand notches and created the H. Couture line that specialized in outrageously expensive makeups. Because spending millions on beauty products is obviously a little too over the top, H. Couture is already defunct as even the wealthiest of celebrities decided for less expensive alternatives.

The mascara that came in the actual tube wasn’t anything to write home about as it was just another form of the makeup. The $14 million price tag was reflective of the tube that featured 1,000 of the finest Swarovski crystals, 2,500 blue diamonds, and an 18 carat gold tubing. While the price and design seems ridiculous, at least H. Couture refilled the mascara when it was empty: allowing you to reuse the tube! People usually pay $10 at most for mascara but having the chance to flaunt Swarovski crystals and blue diamonds, well that’s instantly much cooler.


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