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Shocking! 14 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Have Twins

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Do you have any siblings? If you answered yes, then you probably know just how annoying it is when strangers walk up to you and tell you exactly how much you and your sibling look alike; for some reason, people can’t get enough of repeating this ad-nauseum even though they know you get that question all the time: now just imagine how annoying that would get if you actually had a twin sibling.

The odds of having a twin sibling are incredibly unlikely, but the chances really depend on your parent’s genes, and even rarer is for the siblings to be identical twins. Twins usually get a lot of attention in the media, and online, there is just something so neat about the concept that it draws our attention, but a lot of people don’t realize that a fair amount of celebrities actually have twin siblings as well.

Most of celeb twins have not achieved the mainstream fame and success as their twin sibling, but despite the resemblance they have still made some nice lives for themselves. But which celebrities have uncanny twin sibling that you didn’t know about? Here are the top 14 celebrities, who have siblings that will make you think that you’re seeing double.

#14 – Giovanni Ribisiimage: 

Actor Giovanni Ribisi started his career as a child in the mid 1980s with series such as “Married…with Children,” and “The Wonder Years.” Ribisi’s career would become a little more notable after he became a recurring actor on the hit show “Friends;” since then, Ribisi has starred in multiple films and television shows, including an appearance alongside his friend Seth Macfarlane in “Ted,” and “A Million Ways to Die in the West.”

Ribisi was born on December 17th, 1974, the same day as his twin sister, Marissa Ribisi (who unfortunately looks almost exactly like him). Marissa has had quite the acting career of her own, and has appeared in films such as “Dazed and Confused,” “The Brady Bunch Movie,” and “Pleasantville.” Marissa’s acting career hasn’t been as steady as her brother’s, but she has since gone into fashion, and launched an exciting line with Sophia Banks called “Whitley Kros.”


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