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Would You Believe It If We Tell You Your Phone’s Dirtier Than A Toilet Seat

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While you must be thinking to yourself if I’m crazy, this Germ-o-meter thinks otherwise, test yourself. By the way here’s my side of the story to prove that your phone is actually much much dirtier than you may like to think.


Hand to Hand

What about when you pay the fruitseller, rikshawallah and grocer or give pocket money to your son? The filthy notes, may Gandhiji forgive me, pass from one dirty hand to another making your hand and even your phone addicted son’s dirty… that fast forwards to both of your phones.


Finger Fastest Dirt

So, even when you wash your hands when you sit down to dine or after celebrating labour  eve in your garden, weeding, your phone sits idly by the sink perhaps chuckling to himself because he got away from bathing yet again today. Enter *evil laugh*


Shakers and Sharers

But what makes it worse is when you are obviously oblivious (and even when you aren’t) that the person you shared your phone or a handshake with had sneeze forced out about a million tiny germs on his palm a minute ago. Boy! Your phone and you are in bigggg trouble now.


Secret Passage

Germs can and do travel from anywhere that we don’t even suspect to be dirty, to our hands and eventually to our phones. That’s of course if you don’t suppose you never turn the door knob of your cabin door, touch the handle of a trolley at the supermarket or pull out a chair for yourself anywhere.


Pot of  Gross

And how about when you take it with you, to while away your time when on the pot every morning? Umm…. Didn’t wash it’s hands yet again, isn’t it? I thought so too. Dirty boy!

But what can you do right? It’s not like you can put your phone under the tap and wash off all its grime and germs. Or is it? Yeah, you can now. Oh no no… Please don’t drop your jaws on floor. And certainly don’t call me crazy now. This hygienic phone is though a vicious party spoiler for the germs, but is something to prove a stylish way to keep connected hygienically.


Just take a look what this phone is actually making you capable of.


Talk in the shower.

The love should never have a pause to it. And this phone ensures just that. Talk with your girl and ahem… even the dirty stuff without fear, even in the shower; because with your new waterproof phone you simply can.


A new swim buddy

Hate to get out of water to take a call? Lost something underwater and can’t find it? Well, with new phone that’s fully waterproof, you can take calls while swimming and find your lost treasure with the help of its guiding light.


No toilet breaks from your phone

Like to keep it with you at really all the time? Then take it with you without fear of dropping it in or getting it dirty because you can very well wash it just like you wash your hands. Clean and hygienic.


Forget acne

Oh no… don’t think it oozes out zit sap but who would need that when your washable phone can certainly help  keep the nightmarish acne causing germs at bay. After all, you don’t need to put a dirty phone against your cheek anymore.


Water selfie anyone?

Of course, you can very well take pictures with your friends or just you while chilling in the tub on a hot summer day. Not to mention what a great picture it would make.


Wash away the dirt.

Dropped your phone in a puddle or spilled food over it? Don’t worry you’ll have to kiss your sweetheart through the phone just like that. Wash it for a fresh and clean feel and you’ll never again have to kiss a frog again.




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